Pie Fundraising

Schools, sports teams, and any organizations can raise money and meet fundraising goals through our program.

Make $2 from each pie sold!*

*A minimum of 50 pies must be sold.


For fundraisers that last a longer period of time. Schools and organizations will be able to keep track of their orders until their fundraiser ends!

1. Apply

Tell us a little about you and your event!

Apply to Pre-Sell

2. Spread the Word

We’ll create a customized flyer for you to share with friends and family

3. You Tally, We'll Deliver

If you sell over 100 pies we will deliver the pies to your one location


Slice of Apple Pie

One Day
Bake Sale

For fundraisers that are one day. Schools and organizations can order a set amount of pies to sell!

1. Plan

Pick a safe, convenient location and date for your one-day Pie sale.

2. Order

Submit your pie order online and schedule a pick-up.

3. Sell

With your Polly’s Pies on hand, set up your location, sell your pies and add up your fundraising money!

Apply for Day of Sale

Our stores require a minimum lead time of 72 hours for all fundraising orders.