Established in 1968

The first Polly’s was opened in Fullerton. The name Polly was chosen, in part, because the front doors of the restaurant had handles shaped like the letter “P,” and we wanted to use those handles. Eddie’s wife suggested the name “Polly’s” in honor of Polly Martin, who was the newborn daughter of the restaurant’s first manager.

Later we adopted the name Polly’s Tasty Foods and Pies, then Polly’s Bakery Cafe, and currently we are known as Polly’s Pies Restaurant. But our guests often just call us Polly’s or Polly’s Pies. We built a loyal clientele by serving outstanding pies, hamburgers, and sandwiches and in doing so, you’ll find a special friendliness not found in other restaurants.

Polly’s in Fullerton also became a commissary that provided top-quality dinner rolls, tangy coleslaw, and the BEST pies for our restaurants.

Now, there are 13 Polly’s serving communities throughout Southern California, with more new locations on the drawing boards.

Meet the Business Owners: Don and Eddie S.

We are a small privately owned family company doing business in Southern California for 50 years! The two owners are the Sheldrake brothers, Don & Eddie, who grew up in Los Angeles. Both went to Washington High School in L.A. Don went to Harbor Community College and Fresno State and Eddie used crib notes to get through UCLA.