Doughraisers Fundraising Program

Need to raise some dough ?

Polly's Pies wants to help you raise money! No selling or spending countless hours planning and organizing

It’s so quick & easy!

The check is in the mail within two weeks! Just follow these steps and you'll be fundraising in no time.

  • 1
    Pick your closest Polly's location
  • 2
    Pick your date on a Monday through Friday

    (events hours between 3-8:30pm)

  • 3
    Distribute your flyers

    via email or by hand to friends, family, and co-workers. (We will even create a fabulous flyer for you with your logo or photos.) The more you circulate the more funds you will raise. Note: We ask that you don't distribute flyer on site during your event.

  • 4
    And on the Night of your event...

    anyone presenting your flyer and orders from the regular menu (coupons don't count) will help you raise money. How? Polly's will mail you a check for 20% of the pre-tax sales from your Doughraisers grand total.