Meet the Leaders

Jim Dufault

VP of Operations
With Polly's Since 2023

Jim Dufault fell in love with the hospitality industry while going to school to work on Wall Street and decided to stick with it. Jim is one of seven siblings, and he supports and participates in the Gary Sinsise Foundation. He enjoys travel and has visited 40 states in the US so far. He has also traveled to France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Bali, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Guam, Hong Kong, and Morocco!

Jim is a strategic thinking, impact driven, senior manager distinguished for spearheading large-scale initiatives. He puts a strong emphasis on revenue generation, profit maximization and market presence, and he has a proven track record of attracting and retaining top quality personnel while also maintaining a nurturing and collaborative approach. His intuitive business acumen allows him to identify growth promoting opportunities, revitalize organizational culture and brand image, and devise unique competitive advantages.

Along with working in hospitality and travel, Jim is passionate about spending time with his wife and family and is a big believer in taking care of his mental, physical, and emotional health to maintain a happy and fulfilled life.