Pie It Forward

Being away from your loved ones is hard, so we thought we’d make social distancing a little sweeter!

If you want to brighten someone’s day with a meal or a pie, why not PIE IT FORWARD?

  • Order their Polly’s favorites on DoorDash or UberEats and add the “Pie It Forward” item to your cart.
  • OR Place an order online using curbside pickup and when you call to let the store know you’re there to pick up, let them know it’s a “Pie It Forward”!
  • We’ll put a special Pie It Forward postcard in each bag delivered to your loved one!
  • Tell your recipient to check their porch when it arrives!
  • Wanting to Pie it Forward to your team or clients? Email Catering@pollyspies.com

Use #POLLYSPIEITFORWARD on Instagram so we can share it!

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  • A Pie-it-forward pie box. Image from @alaofaangel
  • Baby enjoying a Polly's Pies Pie. Image from @brettharts
  • A Pie-it-forward pie box. Image from @kathryn_marie_
  • Two kids posing with a Pie-it-forward bag. Image from @mrs.rod20
  • Girl opening a Banberry pie box. Image from @mrs.rod20
  • Man holding a to-go bag from Polly's Pies. Image from @thesavingasian